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Nulo Freestyle Perfect Purees

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  • KEEPS CATS HYDRATED: Our premium cat treats, with a high-moisture content, may help your feline friend with hydration throughout the day. Serve them directly from the pouch as enrichment or use them as a topper to their dry food.
  • HELPS MAINTAIN A HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Our unique recipe includes Inulin for prebiotic fibers which contribute to a healthy digestive system. This cat snack, suitable for all ages, is a treat with a nutritious reward.
  • SIMPLE GRAIN-FREE RECIPE: With only seven ingredients and no grains, artificial flavors, or preservatives, these soft cat treats are sure to be a hit with your kitties. The perfect food mixer for all breeds of kittens and cats.
  • RICH IN FLAVOR AND LOW IN CALORIES: These lickable cat treats are a flavorful way to reward your four-legged friend for a job well done. Nulo Freestyle, where nutrition meets flavor and enriches the lives of cats and cat lovers all over the world.
  • WHERE NUTRITION MEETS LOVE: We take pride in providing nutritious and yummy cat food treats. Your cats will come running when they hear you open a pack of these delicious cat treats. Show them how special they are and reward them with your love.

With their high moisture content, these cat food mixers will help your pet stay hydrated throughout the day. Simply serve right from the pouch or as a topper for their dry food. Rich in flavor, and low in calories, these premium kitten treats are a delicious way to reward felines of all ages. Nulo cat snacks, where nutrition meets flavor. With Inulin added for prebiotic fibers, our grain-free cat treats may help improve your cats’ digestion, immunity and overall health. A healthy cat is a happy cat. FREESTYLE NUTRITIONEven though every cat is unique, Nulo Freestyle cat food toppers will satisfy even the most finicky eaters. And as an added health benefit, we do not add preservatives. Cats are curious and love exploration. So explore the benefits of incorporating these nutritional kitty snacks into their daily diet. You’ll be happy you did. These treats for cats will also be a treat for you when you see how well behaved they are when you use these food complements as enrichment for their daily life. WHAT’S INCLUDED: (48) Cat Food PouchesSize: 0. 50oz PouchesRecipe: Chicken & Salmon