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NUFR Reptile Vines Plants Habitat Decor Flexible Bendable Jungle Climbing Vine Hanging Plant Leaves Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Accessories Snake Hermit Crab Lizards Geckos Terrarium Decorations

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  • 【Simulate Wild Environment】Reptile vine and hanging plants add richness to the decoration of your pet habitat. The realistic appearance of reptile climbing vines is placed in the pet terrarium, giving your pet a feeling of being in the wild home.
  • 【High Quality Material】Reptile climbing vine is made of soft PU material, which is waterproof and not perishable. Internal wire, easy to bend and shape. Painted with environmentally friendly pigments, the vine is lifelike and blends with nature. The lizard hanging plants are made of environmentally friendly high-quality plastic, the inside of the stem is made of wire, which is safe and durable.
  • 【DIY Design】Reptile jungle vine is easy to bend and shape. The inner wire provides more support than traditional vines and easily creates a three-dimensional space.. The vine shape can be designed according to your pet terrarium. There are many small branches on the main stem of hanging plants, they are flexible and detachable, creating a perfect hiding spots for the reptile.
  • 【Appropriate Size】The vine is about 44 inches in length and 0.78 inches in diameter. The hanging plants are about 33 inches long. The good size is suitable for most pet terrariums, perfect for bearded dragon lizards, hermit crab, chameleons, snakes, geckos, tree frogs, etc.
  • 【Package Including】The product includes 1 lizard jungle climbing vine, 2 hanging plastic plants, 2 suction cups. The whole set of products is perfect for reptile habitat decoration and gives your pet a feeling of being in nature.