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Juvo Plus

Natural Grey Slate Rocks Stones for Gardening, Aquarium, Landscapes, Reptiles, Terrarium, Pond Accessories, 2 Lb., 0.25 In.

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  • Slate Rock: Use these slate aquarium rocks for fish tank decor, aquariums, reptiles and amphibian enclosures, terrariums, or aqua scaping
  • Multi-Purpose: Apply aquarium safe glue to the flat stones to create steps, archways, caverns, and ground cover for indoor plants, miniature fairy gardens, model railroads, and doll houses
  • Heat Retention: The natural slate stone will retain heat for from a lamp or other heat source, ensuring your snake, Iguana, or lizard stays warm; note: please thoroughly rinse aquarium rocks before placing into habitat enclosure or tank
  • Natural Stone: Due to the natural growth form, each slate stone will measure no more than 0.25-inch
  • What’s Included: Includes 1 bag of aquarium slate rocks that weighs a total of 2 pounds

Item Description

Use this 2 pound bag of grey slate rocks as decorative ground filler in any fish tank, vivarium, or reptile enclosure to provide your small pet with a comfortable habitat. Thoroughly rinse the tank rocks then apply aquarium safe glue to create steps, arches, and caves for custom fairy gardens or model railways. Due to the natural growth form, each slate stone will measure no more than 0.25-inch to ensure you have a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.