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MEWTOGO Multicolored Parrot Bird Block Toys-Wooden Bird Block Chewing Toys for a Variety of Parrots and Birds like Macaws Parakeet Cockatiel

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  • Unique design: This parrot toy with robot design, the shape is novel and unique, vivid & realistic. Which can easily attract parrots’ attention in short time and they will play with them for long time daily.
  • Colorful: The color is bright, vivid and attractive, which not only a parrot toy, but also is a beautiful decor to hang into the cage or hang on the wall.
  • High quality material: It is made of natural wood which is safe to chew, the chain is made of stainless steel that is strong enough, and the rope made frome quality durable material can last long-time chewing.
  • Size: The parrot toy's size is 10.7*18.5 inch, it is suitable for medium and small parrots and birds, suggested for Eclectus,Finches ,Budgies ,Parakeet ,Cockatiel Conure ,Finch Lovebirds,etc.
  • Necessary toys: Climbing and chewing are birds' features. This product has bright colors, which will attract your bird to work continuously, will keep your parrots busy all day, less destructive.