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LUCKY HERP 15Inch 14W T8 UVB 5.0 Reptile Light, UVA UVB Bulb, Fluorescent Lamp for Reptiles Amphibian

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  • 🦎Simulate Sunlight - LUCKY HERP reptile uvb light helps to increase appetite, promote natural activities and induce reproductive behavior. It can also help vitamin D3 synthesis and calcium absorption to prevent bone disease.
  • 🦎Use Range - Reptile uvb 5.0 bulb, ideal for all tropical amd sub-tropical reptiles, such as chameleon, turtles and other lizards.
  • 🦎UVB UVA Stable Output - Our uvb reptile lamp has stable UVB (5%) and UVA output, no harmful UVC output, will not harm the eyes of reptiles, and will not burn the skin. Let your pet grow up healthily.
  • 🦎High Quality - Our uvb reptile light is tested 4 times before leaving the factory to ensure the pass rate of the lamp. It rated for up to 10000 hours, easy to install.
  • 🦎Quality After-Sales Service - We provide 1 month of quality assurance service. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time, and we will handle it for you immediately. Timely communication can solve your problem.