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Leerking Bird Hanging Perches Swings Toy Parrot Circle Ring Cotton Rope Bird Cage Chewing Toys Bungee

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  • Non-toxic Material: The bird rope perch provide a soft footing with natural 100% cotton rope. Very safe for birds to bite, to chew.
  • Attractive & Convenient Circle Shapes: Made of durable and flexible steel wire. It can be easily connected to your cage and is suitable for almost any cage.Multiple rings allow one or more birds to play together ,can provide hours of fun every day.
  • Beautiful Appearance: This swing perch toy has bright colors rope bungee bird toy , to be a perfect decoration for your pet cage.
  • Perfect for Birds :The rope bungee bird toy will help relieving the cage stress, while also offer exercise opportunities for your birds to keep healthy and fit, Make birds exercise and strengthen their muscles, add vitality to life.
  • For All Small and Medium Birds: Three size for choose: One Ring diameter 8" , length 10" .Two Rings diameter 8", length 21.5".Three Rings diameter 6", length 19.7" .Rope thickness diameter: 0.8”; Suit birds of varying sizes, especially great for Parrotlets, Parakeets, Senegal parrot, Sun conjure, Small cockatoos, Green cheek conjure and Mini macaws, Cockatiels and Lovebirds.Please choose bird rope perch according to bird cage .