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KOXHOX Comfort Corner Fleece Bird Blanket,Cuddle Nest Hanging Toy,Parrot Cage Snuggle Hut Warm Plush Bedding,Small Animals Shelter Plush Bedding for Parakeet Cockatiel Pigeon

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  • Material:High quality and thick plush material, soft, close to the skin, comfortable to touch, provides an ideal shelter for birds, so that your pet friends can rest and feel warm in it.
  • Easy Installation and Cleaning:It can be easily installed on the cage by rope, and can be replaced or disassembled at will to facilitate cleaning,It is recommended to wash by hand for long lasting usage.
  • Easy to Carry: You can fold them up to save space and carry easily. The reinforced base can keep the shape of the hammock.
  • Size details:There are three sizes of small, medium and large.which is suitable for most small birds to rest comfortably and keep warm in the cold days,Suitable for most small pets,choose the perfect size for your friend based on the size information.
  • Comfort Corner:Create a hidden corner where birds can hide. While your birds are warm, they can also reduce the pressure of birds, provide them with a sense of security, and enjoy the fun of playing hide and seek with their owners.