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K9 Condo 4' X 8' Dog Run with K9 Cabin Dog House Combination-Ultimate

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Our inexpensive dog house and kennel, run with cover combination is a great way to save money and space. Dog houses can take up a lot of valuable room inside your dog run, however, our K9 Combo is designed to maximize the your kenneling space. We do this by placing the dog house outside of the kennel giving you more additional valuable space in your backyard. This provides extra square footage inside the run for less money. Making this kennel, one of the most economical, cheaper dog kennels on the market. This high value, low cost kennel has been designed for any budget. The best thing about this kennel is that it ships right to your door. It?s easy to assemble with no tools required. This area provides extra room for your dog to roam and relax at a lower price than other competitors.
K9 Condo 4' X 8' Dog Run With K9 Cabin Dog House Combination-Ultimate