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Jusney Bird Perch, Large Parrot Toys Climbing Rope Bungee Bird Toys

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  • About 63 Inch Long (160 Centimeter ), Weight 479 g, Width 0.87 INCH, Please Carefully Measure the CAGE SIZE Before Buying, Avoid do not tally with the bird cage size.
  • This auxiliary with wire, there is steel wire and coated a layer of cotton rope, sturdy and durable, therefore it can be straight or curled, there is a small bell at the end, piques Your parrot/bird curiosity!
  • It's seems to be a perfect size and exercise for for your parrot to climb up and down it, so you can hang a foraging toy in the middle of the coil to keep him busy.
  • This is a super cute long spiral and colorful rope bungee toy (can freely stretch), the rope is very well made and is tightly woven you can uncoil it to whatever length you want and the coil it, It's easy to adjust.
  • Parrot climbing ropes, cotton rope toys spiral, deformation, spring coil, standing poles chew toy,Suitable for amazon, grey parrots, sunflower, etc.