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JIALEEY 100 Piece Plastic C-Clips Hooks Chain Links Rainbow C-Links Children'S Learning Toys Small Pet Rat Parrot Bird Toy Cage

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  • Made of high quality durable plastic, safe and 100% non-toxic.
  • Size: 36mmx15mm ( 1.42"x0.6" ), Thickness: approx 4mm/0.15". Mix of 6 colors, 100 pcs plastic hooks.
  • Plastic hooks chain links, connect kids to a variety of early math skills, Build sorting, patterning, counting skills, and more. Pliable links are easy for young children or students with special needs to connect and separate.
  • Give pet mouse, Parrot great toy, it will love climbing on these links. Great for sugar gliders cage sets, For birds, rat, parrot.
  • It can been for hanging bird / rat toys and connecting his perches in cages, very easy to slip a toy in or move it around. They will make changing up his play area easy.