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Hypeety Bird Wood Double Perch Ladder Puzzle Toy Luxury Bendable Ladder for Small Parakeets Cockatiels Conures Macaws Parrots Love Birds Finches Swing Perch Sets Toys

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  • Ladder and swing provides your bird with a funny and cozy place to play and stand.
  • Wood material is durable, natural, eco-friendly, fadeless, safe and non-toxic. It is totally handmade that are visually appealing to the pets and their owners.
  • The hanging swing encourages birds to climb, play and hop from rung to rung. This will help develop their balance abilities and achieve optimal foot health.
  • Wooden pet ladders with the colorful beads attract the attention of birds. You would be quite surprised with how much our birds love this little wooden bird swing.
  • Providing a fun toy for nibbling, swinging, playing and climbing. As a bridge, ladder and swing, best playground for your pet climbing, adventuring and desiring to explore.