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HXY2020 Pet Heating Pad LED Aquarium Lighting Marine Fishtank Lights Coral LED Aquarium Light 165W Aquatic Plant Growth Light Black Case Manual Dimming Reptile & Amphibian Habitat

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  • The aquarium lamp can make the lamp emit super white light, make the water body transparent, clear, and the color of the water grass is realistic, and at the same time can promote the photosynthesis of the water grass and promote the growth and development of the water grass.
  • Applicable: water grass with water depth below 50~60cm
  • Red light - promote healthy fish growth (better effect on red fish, such as red goldfish, colorful fairy, parrot)
  • Blu-ray - After the water is illuminated by the light, it is as clear and vivid as sea water.
  • Blue Blue→ can help to synthesize vitamin D3, promote the absorption of coral calcium, and make the coral grow brightly.