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Hamiledyi Reptile Bearded Dragon Hideout Accessories 4Pack Resin Dinosaur Triceratops Skull Hide Decor Amphibians Habitat Cave with Lizard Coconut Carpet Mat for Gecko Chameleon Snake Spider Frog

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  • 【4 Pack Bearded Dragon Tank Accessories Kit】This package includes 1 x dinosaur triceratops skull decor, 1 x reptile coconut carpet, 2 x reptile plants vine leaves. Perfect Reptile Hiding set, bearded dragon hideout skull has many caves, providing natural hidden caves or habitats. It is a necessity for reptiles who like to climb and satisfy their hiding habits.
  • 【Reptile Dinosaur Hiding Decoration】Dinosaur triceratops skull decoration is made of environmentally friendly resin, excellent workmanship, durable, anti-fading, easy to clean, strong and durable. The bearded dragon accessories dinosaur skull decoration highly imitates the shape of the dinosaur skull, paying attention to details to restore the sense of reality. It is very suitable for decorating the habitat of small reptiles and amphibians.
  • 【Multifunctional Use】Bearded dragon dinosaur skull decoration can also be used as a reptile tank decoration, exquisite workmanship, lifelike, for bearded dragons, lizards, geckos, snakes, spiders to provide an excellent place to explore and hide, also as an aquarium decoration, your cute pet Betta fish or other small fish will be super happy to go in and out of the cave to sleep, rest, hide, play, and breed.
  • 【Natural Coconut Fiber Mat】The reptile carpet mat is lined with natural coconut fiber, which can be reused, moisturizes, keeps warm and keeps flame retardant. Coconut matrix for reptiles can prevent skin rot and better protect the limbs of reptiles.
  • 【Realistic Reptile Plant Vines】The lifelike plant leaves have a natural feel and appearance, and the rich bearded dragon habitat tank accessories work together to create a realistic habitat, allowing reptiles to enjoy the natural cushion and dinosaur skull hiding. It is very suitable for reptile enclosures, and can add a natural feeling to your tank.