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HACHIKITTY Washable Donut Cat Bed Round, Cat Beds Indoor Cats Medium, Big Cat Bed Machine Washable, 24

HACHIKITTY Washable Donut Cat Bed Round, Cat Beds Indoor Cats Medium, Big Cat Bed Machine Washable, 24

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  • MACHINE WASHABLE CAT BED: THE IMPROVED ONE! According to customer's feedback, the cat bed has been improved, there is no removable cover and you needn't to assemble the cat bed anymore. That means the three pieces design is gone and the cat bed will not have zips, too. NO ZIPPERS ISSUE&NO ASSEMBLY ISSUE. This washable cat cushion bed is made of 300D waterproof oxford fabric and fluffy faux fur, easy to machine wash and hold up well after wash
  • CAT SNUGGLE BED&NICE HEAD SUPPORT: Wipping the fur off easily. Designing for cats/dogs who love to curl up. Exactly suitable for your cat's body to be snuggled up while his/her head is resting on something. Well made for a small to large size dog, puppy or cat. (18in for small cat, 24in for medium or large cat) The side of the cat bed is designed like a raised thick pillow to SUPPORT PET’S HEAD AND NECK. That will help your friends sleep well, too
  • HYPOALLERGENIC MATERIAL CAT CUSHION BED: We provide TWO SIZES for you to choose from! A good indoor cat bed for small, medium, big cats is soft trim on the inside, squishy and firm. Meanwhile, it should be well constructed and improve pet’s sleep quality, let them snuggle down between the base and the wall stays warm. So, the material used in this cat bed is important. The hypoallergenic material and RAISED-SIDE bagel cat bed will be great for our furry friends
  • NON-SLIP INDOOR CAT BEDS&USE TIPS: The bottom of the cat bed is made of high quality rubber patch, non-slip. The cat bed comes to you in an air tight bag so the box was not that big. The cat bed may have some wrinkles when you receive it, you just need to flap it to reduce the wrinkles and help it mantain a better shape. This washable cat cushion bed can be properly put in the sun and flap to remove dust inside the bed, also to help the polyester rebound and fluffy, nice place to settle in
  • BEST CHOICE for INDOOR CATS: We tried to think about every detail to make the cat bed better. All for better pet life! NOTICE : We've been getting customer feedback recently, the choice of the cat bed's size can be confusing, we hope the following information can help you. The 18 inches one is suitable for a small cat under 15lbs. The 24 inches one is suitable for a big cat or two kittens. We'll pleasure if you contact us when you have any problem, we'll reply within 24h

Product Description


HACHIKITTY aims at sharing love and little touches in our normal life. When I was a little kid, we had 2 cats in our family, they slept outside the house all year round. When the weather got cold, mom would build a bed using some of our old clothes, I was confused at that time because cats had thick fur, why they needed a kennel? What my mom told me had changed my whole life. Cats spend most of their life accompanying us, treat us like friends, families and masters, why can’t we do the same little thing for them, just to help them live a happy and healthy life? Now I have my own family and my own cat. Also I started small business with pet supplies and we are obsessed with details and stick to providing products with reliable quality to our four-legged furbabies. We will never compromise on quality, as our pets are family, your beloved furry friend is lucky to have you as a family, he also deserves a deeper and restorative sleep.


The life expectancy of a dog or cat is only about 12 years, enough rest and a quiet sleep can help them feel comfortable, warm, secure and stay healthy!



—— soft, washable & durable

Hachikitty washable cat bed aims to offer best sleeping experience to our furry friends, made of luxurious cozy faux fur inside and durable water repellent brown oxford fabric which is perfect for cats and dogs! The raised side design supports pet's head and neck so that they can snuggle down

  • Super Soft Faux Fur Cat Bed
  • Waterproof Cat Bed with 300D Oxford Fabric
  • Non-slip Bottom Cat Bed
  • Machine Washable Cat Bed
  • Cat Bed for Indoor Cats


Mom, I need my own bed! —— A good sleeping environment keeps me healthy and alive!

Waterproof Fabric Cat Bed

The technology of water repellent brown fabric can prevent daily water splash, also easy to clean dirt. 300D oxford fabric is durable and good to keep shape

No-Slip Bottom Cat Bed

The bottom of the cat bed is made with high quality polyester with rubber patch, well keep pets from sliding.

Luxurious Faux Fur Cat Bed

Inside the round cat bed is made from luxurious faux fur, super soft and cozy. Fluffy inside offers a better sleep.

Machine Washable Cat Bed

For convenience, the whole brown cat bed is a whole. There are no zippers anymore, and you needn't to assemble it, too


  • Raised side, perfectly supports pet's head and neck
  • Skin-friendly faux fur, super soft and cozy which is just for a better sleep
  • Waterproof fabric and non-slip bottom, easy to clean and a safer choice
  • Machine-washable fabric, won't be out of shape after washing on gentle cycle with cold water
  • One-piece design, the connecting bottom cannot be digged out and carried off by a crazy dog
  • Dimensions: Small(18x18x6 inches) Suitable for small dogs under 10 lbs or cats under 15 lbs. Medium(24x24x7 inches) Suitable for a large fat boy or two kittens

Care Instructions:

  • Machine washable for easy care.
  • Better with similar colors
  • For best sleeping experience, the inner parts of this cat beds are very thick
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