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Gabraden Reptile Pet Coop Heater 50W Safer than Brooder Lamps Used for Rabbits, Chickens, Hamsters and Other Small Animals (Black)

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  • ✔[Multi-function]: Our products can provide pets with the necessary heat to maintain body temperature in cold winters,50W bulbs can provide sufficient heat,which can provide pets with a warm place,which is all small animals Ideal choice.
  • ✔[High-quality material]: Our lamp holder is made of ceramic, high temperature resistance,practicality and high safety.The rotating clamp adopts a flexible design.The lamp holder and bracket can rotate 360° left and right up and down.It is easy to install and practical.
  • ✔ [Perfect size]: The length of the small animal heating lamp can be extended to 40 cm with a flexible metal gooseneck,plus a rotatable lamp head and adjustable height,suitable for most small animal habitats.
  • ✔[Perfect Combination]: This light is very suitable for rabbits, chickens, hamsters, chinchillas and other reptiles. The package contains a 50-watt light bulb.
  • ✔[Multi-function lamp holder]: The socket provided is suitable for other lamps,such as energy-saving lamps,incandescent lamps,ceramic heaters,LEDs, etc.

Packages included:
1X small animal heating lamp
1X 50 watt bulb
Product information:
Product Type: Small animal heating lamp
Product material: ceramic (lamp) metal (tube)
Product color: black
Product size: unfolded about 40CM (15.75 inches)
Product plug: American plug
1. Do not look directly at the light of the turned on lamp, because you will never see it directly in the sun, otherwise it will damage your eyes.
2. Please place the light directly above the pet, not on the side.
3. The bulb is a consumable item, it is not recommended to use it for too long, so as not to shorten the bulb life.
4. When turning on the bulb, do not touch the bulb with your hands.

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