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Fischuel Reptile Hides Humidification Cave Help Your Pets Shedding, a Damp Hideout with Natural Rock Designto, Suitable for Bearded Dragons Lizards Leopard Gecko Spiders Turtles and Snakes

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  • ­čśŞ - Secure Hiding Spot´╝ÜCave offers enough secure hiding spot for hide and sleep at ease, avoiding bright light and stay out of sight of predators´╝îkeep them sprightly by reducing stress.
  • ­čĺŽ - Topically Humidified´╝ÜEnhancing the airÔÇÖs humidity inside the hide´╝îrather than in the entire tank. Aid in healthy skin shedding´╝îyour pet will not be sick from the entire moist environment in your terrarium.
  • ­čÖë - Smooth Designed´╝ÜSmooth plastic inside and outside eliminates the risk of any sharp parts´╝îminimizes or eliminates risks for falls´╝îburns´╝îcuts´╝îand impaction.
  • ­čî× - Features´╝ÜThe lid on the top can serve as a balcony for sunbathing´╝îenabling them to absorb calcium and helping them maintain strong bones.
  • ­čÜÇ - Whole Life Insurance´╝ÜConsiderate size make sure that the one you bought fits 99% lizards of all ages (they grows anyway. )