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Fischuel Flexible Heating Lamp UVB Lamp with Clamp Fixtures, Reptile and Aquarium, Terrarium and Vivarium Basking Lamps and Spotlight, Comes with 3 Bulbs´╝łTwo 50W UVB Bulb & Spotlight Bulb´╝ë(E27,110V)

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  • ­čĺí - Replacement Bulbs´╝ÜProvides two E27 50W bulbs and one LED spotlight bulb. The 50W bulb has UVB that simulates sunlight. LED spotlights bulbs can enhance the colors of your tank, and highlight your aquascaping.
  • ­čÜÇ - Multiple Custom Adjustment Modes : A good-sized 40-inch power cord has a dimmable switch that allows you to simulate the natural illumination and help to adjust the biological clock through brightness and temperature.
  • ­čĹŹ - Enough Stability: Just choose the right spot, and tighten the screw with a wrench.Once the position is set, it can remain stable without swaying.
  • ­čĺ» - Flexible Designed´╝ÜThe extremely flexible body can be adjusted in height and angle, and securely clipped onto a terrarium.
  • ­čÉŐ - Multi-functional - ­čÉč´╝ÜIt can be used to warm reptile glass containers and give pets UVB exposure. It can also be used to light up the aquarium and draw attention to the beauty of the ornamental fish, plants, and other decorations.