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Fantasyday Bird Play Stand, Natural Wooden Bird Playground Birds Gym Bird Toy Accessories with Stainless Steel Feeding Stair Swing for Parrots, Finches # 1

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  • 【Natural Material】Bird play stand is made of premium natural wood and equipped with a water supply and feeding device. All parts are connected with screws and not with glue. Let your bird relax and enjoy the entertainment time happily.
  • 【Complete Accessories】We have 10 different styles to choose, always have one suit your bird. Some equipped with ladders, swings, trays, stainless steel feed cups, stainless steel trays, bells or muesli chew toys. It is an ideal amusement park for your pet bird to climb, adventure, and explore.
  • 【Application】The bird playground is suitable for small or medium bird, such as cockatiels, parakeets, budgies, cockatiels, agapornids (lovebirds), canaries, zebra finches, small parrots, parakeets and other birds.
  • 【More Release Stress 】The playground can show the bird's nature better. Birds need time to play outside from the cage, roam around, and interact with human companions to effectively keep the birds healthy and relieve stress.
  • 【Bird Lover Essential】The parrot playground toy is a wonderful way to stimulate the birds' thinking, increase physical activity and bring them landscape changes. For bird lovers, this is definitely an essential goods.

FantasyDay natural wood bird play stand is easy to assemble and made of safe, strong and durable wood and stainless steel. Equipped with climbing ladders, swings, trays, stainless steel feeding cups. It's an ideal amusement park for your pet bird to climb, adventure, and explore.


1.Bird Playground is a popular toy for cockatiels, parakeets, parrots and other small birds.

2.Easy to clean, just wipe with a cloth or wash with water when cleaning.

3.The bird perch provides a good place for pet birds to play and move around, so your bird can get good climbing training and become healthier.


Color: As picture shown

Material: Natural wood + stainless steel.

Package included:

1 * Bird play stand