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Elfsky Cat Window Perch, Double-Layered Cat Window Seat with Two Cat Beds and Cat Scratching Post, Extra Large Cat Window Bed Cat Resting Seat for Indoor Cats

Elfsky Cat Window Perch, Double-Layered Cat Window Seat with Two Cat Beds and Cat Scratching Post, Extra Large Cat Window Bed Cat Resting Seat for Indoor Cats

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  • DESIGNED FOR CATS -Double-Layered cat window hammock offer comfort and fun for your cat. Saves more room space than single layer cat window perch. The deluxe cat windows seat is for indoor use and accommodates even the largest of cats. Your cat can jump in and jump out of this resting seat, which is another kind of exercise to keep good health of your cat.
  • DOUBLE COMFORT - Fleece layered Cat hammock ledge absorbs warmth from sunny outdoor. This cat window perch is great for indoor kitty sunbathing. We’ve designed our cat window bed to be the ultimate relaxation spot for your cat to sunbathe and watch the birds outside!
  • ADVANCED MATERIAL - Cat bed hammock is a perfect cat resting seat that the cat hammock stand use of advanced pipes, ​non-deformation, good luster and Safety stronger. Cat hammock window features a breathable, durable mesh base, providing a secure foundation for your pet to lie on.
  • SPECIAL SPACE - Window cat bed can be mounted on any smooth and airtight surface, such as tiles, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, refrigerators, washing machines, metal coatings etc., to avoid using on frosted glass, patterned glass or curved glass.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO : A:The actual size of the cat hammock is 23.6 inches, but the diameter of the suction cup will exceed the length of the cat rack, so the width of your window is 24.4 inches is best size B:If it is cold winter,please soak the suction cup in hot water above140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 ℃ )for a few minutes,and remove impurities on the suction cup and glass at the same time,so as to make the suction cup achieve greater suction,make the cat hammock stronger.

Product Description

Provide your cat a Reliable and comfortable sunbathing spot

  • Provides a 360° sunbathing cat shelves for your cats.
  • Cats love laying in the sun and being up high. Cats don't like going out, but are still very curious about the outside world. Cat Hammock window perch is ergonomically designed to suit such cat's nature.
  • Get your furry master a trendy cozy cat perch for window, You will see your lovely cat enjoying sunshine on this cozy bed seat, Cat Window perch outdoor while ​spying on the world outside the window. Such a scene will also be peaceful and attractive to enjoy in the quiet afternoon.

Warm Coral Fleece

Soft coral fleece absorbs the heat from the sun, your cat to enjoy the sunshine comfortably all-around warmth experience.

Sisal Scratching Post

Cat scratch post, which is resistant to scratching and abrasion, allowing the cat to sharpen its claws while basking in the sun.

2mm Sturdy Pipes

Plastic pipes provide cat window perch more friendly and sturdy frame for the perch.


Strong adhesive Velcro to provide your cat hammock with a sturdy habitat.

Comfortable Cat Hammock - Enjoy 360° Free of Dead Corner Sunbath

  • This cat window perch offer a great view to meet this need.
  • Cat can enjoy the warm sunshine on their favorite bed, and life as if bathed in nature as kind, bright, and warm, physical and mental pleasure.
  • Our window cat perches are upgrade, safer and morecom fortableYou cats can play or jump with other cats.

Warm Tips To Get Suction Cups To Stay Stuck

  • For maximum suction force, please soften suction cups in warm water and clean the glass window.
  • For cat window perch for indoor cats sturdy, Press suction cups on the clean glass and make sure no air bubbles are in between.
  • If the suction cups loses its suction power after a long time, install it again. The suction cups will attach firmly again like new.


  • Space-saving and comfortable Gift for cats
  • Strong suction cup
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