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Eeaivnm 7 Inch Pet Bird Mirror Swing Parrot Cage Toys with Rope Perch, Parrot Parakeet Mirror with Bird Swing Bell Toys for Parakeet Cockatoo Cockatiel Conure Lovebirds Finch Canaries

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  • 【Material】The bird cage mirror is made of anti-rust, thickened acrylic material and the roost rope is woven from cotton rope, which is safe, non-toxic, resistant to abrasion and bites, and durable. Please tear off the protective film on the mirror surface before installation.
  • 【Colorful Rope Perch】Wide and thick perching rope is very comfortable for bird standing & more durable for bird chewing. And can provide several lovebirds to stand at the same time without appearing crowded. Very suitable for the recreational activities of birds and develops the ability of balance and coordination.
  • 【Size】The size of the parakeet mirror is 7.1 x 5.1 inch (L*W) and the length of the colorful bell toy is 9 inches. This bird mirror for parrot toy is designed for small to medium birds. It is funny to play for african greys, parakeets, cockatoos, pigeons, conures, budgies ,lovebirds, canaries and other similar size parrots.
  • 【Easy to Install】This bird cage set has a large integrated metal hook design, strong and reliable, fit for most bird cages, easy to install, no tools required. It allows you to hang anywhere in the cage. There is a metal hook on the top of the colored bell toy, so you can quickly hang it in a bird cage or any area you want to decorate.
  • 【Enjoy Themselves】Pet bird rope habitat with mirror solve the loneliness of parrots due to the lack of companions and bring your little pet a lot of fun, even regard the reflection parrot as their new friend. It will soothe and exercise tender feet for your lovely birds.

Product Description

Why did not you give a suitable size and durable bird mirror or toys for your feathered companion to relieve boredom?

A bird is a pet that likes to look in the mirror. When a bird sees its own image in the mirror, it will mistake it for another bird of the same kind, which inspires its aggressiveness. It will makes tentative actions such as walking, dancing, showing off and playing in front of the mirror. Bird very like to see their own reflection in the mirror, and get a lot of fun from it.

Choosing Eeaivnm Bird Mirror with perch will be your most correct decision. It is made of anti-rust, thickened acrylic material, making it a safer and more durable.

The colorful Rope Perch is very soft & comfortable for bird standing, resistant to chewing and beautifully designed to catch your bird’s attention. Besides, with the gift colored bells to add fun to your love birds. Your bird will love this “new friend” you brought back.

Product Description

  • Material: acrylic mirror and cotton rope
  • Weight: 0.25 KG (Include Bells)
  • Package includes: 1 × Bird Mirror with Rope Perch, 1 x Parrot Bell Toy

  • Size of the mirror: 5.1"W x 7.1"H
  • Size of the bird perch: 4.7"L x 4''W x 0.7''H
  • Size of the bell toy: 9"L

Perfect Gift for Pet Bird

Thickened Acrylic Material Mirror

1. Acrylic mirrors are more resistant to falling and not easily damaged than ordinary ones.

2. Ordinary bird mirrors may hurt your pet, but the four corners of our mirror have been carefully polished, have no sharp edges and are safer.

Wide Usage

1. Provide a fun place for your bird to relax and play in the cage.

2. Entertain the birds while developing their balance and coordination skills.

3. This is a mirror carefully designed for the birds, suitable for small to medium birds like african greys, parakeets, cockatoos, conures, lovebirds, canaries and other similar size parrots.

Eeaivnm 7 Inch Bird Mirror with Rope Perch, Perfect Decoration for Your Bird Cage

Large Durable Metal Hooks

Large, sturdy & durable integrated stainless steel hooks let you hang the mirror anywhere in the cage and prevent the mirror from falling.

just screw it, fasten easily onto the bird cage and no additional equipment is required for installation. It only takes a few minutes to complete the installation easily.

Interactive Bells

More than just a bird mirror, this entertaining, interactive toy has bell. You can ring the 9 inch colorful bells to tease it and play with it.

Birds from talking to himself in the mirror to pecking on the bells, the fun assortment of colors and sounds become your bird's playground in one practical and stylish bird toy.

Colorful Rope Perch

The mirror perch is woven from cotton rope and comfortable for bird standing & chewing. Bright colors and beautifully designed to catch your bird’s attention, entertained while developing balance and coordination skills.

The replaceable rope perch can be removed and replaced with a new one when worn out.





1. Please tear off the protective film on the mirror surface before installation.

2. Due to manual measurement, please allow an slight error.