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Downtown Pet Supply

Downtown Pet Supply Dried Mealworms 100% Natural Treats for Wild Birds, Chickens, Reptiles, Fish - Food for Birds, Turkeys

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  • High In Protein: Dried Mealworms Are An Essential Source Of Proteins & Nutrients For Chickens, Birds, Duck, Geese, Reptiles, Turtles, Hedgehogs, Etc.
  • Boosts Immune System & Improves Health : Our Mealworms Contain Essential Source Of Nutrients For Baby Chickens And Other Birds, Especially In Winter Time.
  • 100% Natural: Non-Gmo, No Preservative Or Additive. Have A Piece Of Mind When Feeding Your Animals With Our High-Energy Natural Product.
  • Easy To Store: No Refrigeration Required. Store And Reuse With A Long Shelf Life.
  • Details: Sealed Bag (1/2 Lb) Sealed Bag

Product Description

Pet Super Food

These treats are great for a variety of pets. They are world renowned for being the caviar of pet foods. You may feed it as is or mix it with other foods to add nutritional benefits.

All Natural

As pet owners, farmers, or bird watchers we only want the best for our animals. Choosing an all natural products gives us an ease of mind. We've done just that for you, no hesitation and worries anymore.

  • Non-GMO
  • preservative and additive-free

Who can eat mealworms?

  • Wild birds, game birds, waterfowl, chicken
  • Hedgehogs, turtles, lizards, some snakes, amphibians, fish