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Dnoifne Bird Wooden Ladder Bridge, Ladders Swing Chewing Toys, Hanging Pet Bird Cage Accessories, Funny Perch Training Toys for Bird Parrot Macaw African Budgies Cockatiels Parakeet Hamster Squirrel

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  • 🦜【Natural Wood Material】: This bird ladder bridge contains stairs and round beads, which are made of natural wood, environmentally friendly and durable, bite-resistant, very suitable for birds to play.
  • 🦜【Flexible and Durable】: The ladder is composed of 12 ladders, and there are 4 round beads between each ladder. The whole is connected by stainless steel wire, which will not rust, and the ladder is flexible and can be folded into any shape at will.
  • 🦜【Leisure Toys】: The hanging rope ladder bridge allows the birds to play and jump on the stairs, exercise their balance ability, and enrich their activities and content.
  • 🦜【Easy to Install】: The total length of this ladder is about 30 inches, the total is about 0.35 pounds, and there are two metal buckles at both ends, which can be easily and safely installed anywhere.
  • 🦜【Multi-purpose】: This ladder can be used as a hanging ladder in a bird cage, suitable for various small and medium-sized birds, such as parakeets, cockatoos, macaws, parrots, and can also be installed as squirrels and chinchillas climbing toys, used for climbing exercises.

【Products Details】 

Color: wood color 

Size: 30 inches long and weighs 0.35 pounds. 

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