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Dekago Transparent Airline Tubing Standard Aquarium Air Pump Accessories Kit with Check Valves, Air Stones, Suction Cups and Connectors for All Fish Tank

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  • Universal aquarium air pump accessory kit can fit for most oxygen pumps brand. Perfect for providing good and freshwater environments to the fish tank.
  • This air pump accessories set included 1pc 80inch transparent airline tubing, 2 round air stones(ø40×15mm), 2 check valves, 2 I-connector, 2 T-connector, 2 Y-connector, and 6 suction cups, 17pcs in total.
  • The 80inch airline tubing for your DIY cutting. 3/16 inch Standard ID clear, toxic-free, white, flexible, and kink-resistant.
  • The suction cups can stick tightly to the smooth fish tank to fix the standard airline tubing. Perfect oxygen tube holder for the air pump. The red check valves can prevent water from back siphoning.
  • The Connectors perfectly connect standard tubing -The Y and T-connector can make one outlet of the air pump to be two. Also the T-connector allows you to combine two inputs to create one output with dual outlet pumps.

The most commonly used essential accessories for fish tanks, why not reserve one set for your aquarium air pump?

A complete and high-quality accessories set can make your air pump re-run quickly, keep your aquarium constantly oxygenated, and your fish will always grow healthy. You don't need to look for accessories one by one from the various dazzling brand, much more convenient and time-saving.

Specifications of Airline Tubing:
Inner Tube diameter: 0.2 inch / 4 mm
Outer Tube diameter: 0.24 inch / 6 mm
Airline Tubing Length: 80 inch / 2 m

Package Includes:
1 x Clear Airline Tubing (80 inches, 2m)
2 x Round Air Stone
2 x T-connector
2 x Y-connector
2 x Straight Connector
2 x Non-return Check Valve
6 x Suction Cup