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DAVCO 3/4" ID × 1" OD - 25 Ft Clear Braided Plastic Vinyl Tubing Flexible High Pressure Reinforced PVC Hose

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  • [Preferred PVC Material]. DAVCO braided tubing is made of high quality PVC, reinforced with high density polyester yarn braided, superior strength and sturdy.The service life of the hose is 3 times that of the ordinary hose.
  • [Tubing Details]. DAVCO Clear flexible hose, 3/4 inch ID, 1 inch OD, 25 foot length, can withstand 200 psi working pressure.
  • [Anti Kink & Not stiff]. DAVCO braided tubing is specially reinforced by thick wall, not easy to knot, lightweight and flexible, not stiff. has excellent weather resistance, kink proof, and can handle various chemicals, moisture and abrasion. The inner and outer surfaces are smooth, easy to flow and clean.
  • [High standards]. DAVCO braided tubing uses professional technology and teams. The DAVCO brand has high requirements for products, and every product that is manufactured must go through 5 inspection and testing stages,ensuring that every product meets our high expectations. In addition, Our team in Los Angeles, CA is fully committed to providing 7x24 customer & technical support. Thus ensuring that customers have a good shopping experience.
  • [Great value for money]. DAVCO braided tubing is made with Premium materials and advanced technologies but at an affordable price. Saving you money while giving you quality filtration.
  • [Non-toxic]. DAVCO braided tubing uses non-toxic materials, BPA free, can be directly used in the aquarium water supply hose, safety and security.
  • [Less Labor And Time]. DAVCO braided tubing is easy to unfold and use, can also be rolled up and stored well, ideal time and effort saving hose.
  • [Multipurpose]. DAVCO braided tubing is used for a wide range of low to high-pressure applications such as delivery water, gas, air, oil, fuel, ideal for your multi-purpose needs from landscape water line to automation machinery and pneumatic lines.
  • [Experienced and professional]. DAVCO is a professional brand that is committed to the water hose production industry. For the past 10 years, our products have been sold all over the world, and countless families have used or products as their solution.