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C&S Products Peanut Treat Suet, for Year round Feeding, 56 Oz Cake, Wild Bird Food

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  • Treats become soft and pliable at 100 degrees and return to normal at room temperature
  • Treats and delights are nutritionally balanced to provide wild birds with much needed energy, create less waste, less mess
  • Place in suet feeder and hang from the trunk or branch of tree
  • Can also be placed in a nylon mesh bag
  • Attracts a wider variety of birds due to the quality of ingredients and is a great value for today's wild bird feeding customer
  • Wild bird acceptance is overwhelming and confirmed by independent research

C&S Products Peanut Treat attracts a "WIDER" variety of wild birds for successful wild bird feeding. This larger size saves time and trips out to refill the suet basket. Peanut Treat contains roasted peanuts, oats, and corn that are mixed with the highest quality of beef fat, which is the most concentrated source of energy you can offer wild birds. By feeding suet, you offer a much higher caloric energy source and a meal the birds can't resist. Maintaining a stable food source helps birds ensure nesting success and reduces hazards to parent birds. In addition, suet is one of the first foods birds will offer their young. Year round feeding allows you to observe and enjoy wild birds when they are the most active and colorful. Refrigerate the suet cake for easy removal from the package before feeding. Just remove the wrap and insert the cake into the feeder. Watch the birds as they flock to your feeders!