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C&S Hot Pepper Suet Nuggets, No Melt - No Waste, Wild Bird Food, 27 Oz.

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  • High energy food with suet roasted peanuts, great for year round feeding
  • Nuggets can be fed alone on a platform feeder, or they may be used in traditional feeders
  • Ideal for hopper feeders or even certain mesh feeders
  • Higher fat content gives visiting birds the energy they need for nesting, migration, and wintering over
  • Size: 27 oz Resealable Bag
  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer part number - CS0440107

C&S Hot Pepper Suet Nuggets area "NO WASTE, ready to feed, wild bird food that has a high energy suet base. The suet is blended with additional ingredients and formed into soft nuggets. This is a favorite of suet eating songbirds. Hot Pepper Suet Nuggets can be fed alone in C&S's specially designed Wire Feeder, Convenient and easy to use. Comes in a resealable bag. Nuggets are ideal for successful year round wild bird feeding that will provide quality entertainment and pleasure to all ages by bringing them closer to nature while observing and watching wild birds as they feed.