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C&S Hot Pepper Delight, Suet Plugs, 12 Oz, Wild Bird Food, 12 Pack

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  • C&S Products Hot Pepper Delight, Suet Dough Plugs, 12 oz, Wild Bird Suet, 12 Pack: 
    • Great wild bird acceptance
    • Helps keep squirrels away from your bird feeders
    • Convenient & easy to use
    • Just remove the wrap and insert plug into feeder
    • No Melt Formula

    C&S Products Hot Pepper Delight, Suet Dough Plugs are a No Melt, No Waste, No Mess wild bird food that would be a great addition to your backyard buffet for successful "Year Round" wild bird feeding! We've added red pepper to help keep the squirrels away. There are four plugs in each package. Use in C&S's specially designed CS770 Suet Plug Feeder.
  • Condition: New

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