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Busy bird for birds that like to screw around

Busy Bird | Goodie Gadget Foraging Bird Toy - Spins on Axis with Peek-A-Boo Window - 100% Metal, Ultimate Brain Teaser and Mind Game for Medium to Extra Large Birds

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  • African Greys  Macaws Cockatoos Catalinas Amazons
  • Solid aluminum is indestructible for even the biggest and most aggressive birds guaranteed
  • Cylinder swivels on its axis making it difficult to get the red top off
  • SAVES YOU MONEY: Birds do need shreddable toys, but they are expensive and gone in a flash. Busy-Bird toys give your bird a foraging and intellectual outlet that lasts a lifetime, helping you mitigate the expense of destructible toys. Collect them all and ROTATE regularly.
  • ENCOURAGES PLAY AND EXERCISE: When mounted to the side or top of their cage, your bird will have to find a way to balance and manipulate the red top while the entire unit swivels on its axis.  They can see the treat inside but must get the top off to get it!