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Bornfeel Aquarium Airline Tubing Connectors I T L Y 40Pcs Fish Tank Air Tube Adapters for 3/16 '' Air Line Hose

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  • Aquarium tubing connectors 40 in 1 set: 10 x Y / 10 x T / 10 x L / 10 x I.
  • Outer diameter ca. 5mm/ 0.2", inner ca. 2mm/ 0.08", fit for standard 3/16''(4/ 6mm) air lines, not for tube that is 2mm x 4mm (inner x outer).
  • It’s a little larger. You can put the end of the tubing in hot water for a little bit and it will make the tubing go on better.
  • Made of HARD PLASTIC for long-time use, non-toxic and very rigid.
  • Great accessories for your fish tank tube, air pump, check valve, bubble stone connection.

4 type: elbow, straight, T, Y shape.
T-shape connectors can combine two inputs together to create one output.
Y-shape connectors can split air line hose easily to make stream become two shares.
I-shape connectors can mend or extend your air tube conveniently.
L-shape connectors are for turning corners in aquarium.

Material: plastic
Connector diameter: outer ca. 5mm/ 0.2", inner ca. 2mm/ 0.08''
Color: clear
Quantity: 40pcs
Type: 4 (TYLI)

Warm tips:
For a better connection,before you use,please wet the connector and aquarium tube to get a easily install.
Please ensure connectors have the hole all the way through.

Package included:
10 x Y airline connectors
10 x T airline connectors
10 x L airline connectors
10 x I airline connectors