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Bonka Bird Toys

Bonka Bird Toys 1708 Chain Spoon Parrot Bird Toys Toys Cage African Grey Cockatoo Macaw

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  • Will promote a healthy play enviroment.
  • A colorful and durable toy.
  • All bird safe materials.
  • Two quick links.

1708 Chain Spoon, a versatile toy that could be hung vertically or horizontally giving your large feathered friend the best of both worlds. A length of sturdy linked chain is adorned with brightly colored acrylic rings, tied leather strands encased in colorful plastic cylinders, three Stainless steel spoons, and two colorful sliding Wiffle balls. He surely will have an entertaining time on this toy especially with all the movement and different textures. Measures approximately 18 high by 3 inches wide, comes with two quick link attachments.