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Bissap Conure Toys, Bird Parrot Foraging Shredder Hanging Toys Sola Balls Sepak Takraw with Bell for Small Parrots Parakeets Conures Cockatiels Love Birds Cage Toy

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  • Safe and Non-toxic: Two Sola balls are made from the roots of natural Sola plants, one sepak takraw is made of rattan, and colorful shred paper is dyed with environmentally friendly edible dyes, light and soft, no glue, wires or plastics, pet birds can Chew and play 100% safely.
  • Stay Healthy: Chewing and shredding are natural behaviors related to foraging bird food and nesting. It effectively helps parrots improve their mental state without suffering from mental disorders such as depression or even pulling out due to long-term inactivity All feathers, letting the bird's mind participate in it is the key to prevent boring related behaviors, and it can also promote the bird's physical and mental health.
  • Reference Size: (11*4*2.5inch) The paper strips are not glued to the toy. They will fall out when the bird pulls or chews. It is normal for a small part of this kind of colored paper scraps to fall off.
  • Best Gift for Parrots: Hand-woven hanging bird toys are a great choice for birds that like to chew, bite, forage and hide food. You can refill the sepak takraw with snacks, wood or crumpled paper, and the bright color design can easily attract the parrot’s attention in a short time. They will play with these toys for a long time every day to keep your parrot busy. Reduce damage and have more fun.
  • Suitable Birds' Size: Suitable for small and medium-sized birds, such as Cockatiels, Finches, Lovebirds, Conures, Parakeets, etc.