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Bissap Cockatiel Toys, Wooden Blocks Bagel Cascade Bird Conure Chew Toy for Pets Cockatoo Parakeet Budgies Cockatiel Conure Lovebirds Cage Bite Jingle Bells Toy

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  • Safe to Play and Chew: Safe and non-toxic parrot cage toy is handmade from food-grade colors and 100% natural wood, well-made, more bite-resistant and durable
  • Easily Attract Bird Toys: The bird chew toy is made of hemp rope stringed with brightly colored wooden blocks and bells. It is well-made, and it is easy to attract your pet’s attention to chew it. With a hierarchical design, it will make your favorite Jump and climb on the string, satisfying your bird to enjoy hours of fun
  • Wooden Parrots Foraging Toys: Every bird is a chew person. In their native habitat, they are engaged in burrowing and tearing branches, so it is important that we keep something for them to chew. Our natural wooden toys are sturdy and sturdy, satisfying the natural chewing behavior of birds and grooming their beaks
  • Give Strong Body for Your Bird: Chewing toy for parrot can keep your birds busy and active, increase their exercise and entertainment, strengthen their muscles, and relieve their stress, thereby maintaining physical and mental health and prolonging their life. It is your pet birds good companion
  • Fit your bird size: This colorful parrot bite toy is very suitable for your beloved pet with feathers, which can be attached metal buckle in cage. Its tightening potential is very suitable for small parrots and medium-sized and cone-shaped birds, like: Parakeets, Cockatiels, Budgerigars, Lovebirds, Pigeons