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Bird Rope Perch Comfy Cotton Spiral Bungee Swing Climbing Standing Ladder for Cage Parrot Toy Free Bending

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  • ▲MATERIALS: This bird rope perch is made of 100% cotton and steel wire, Easy to carry and change location size: OD 0.787 x L21.65in suitable for Parakeets,Budgie ,Cockatoos, Cockatiel, Hamster, Conures and other Parrots.
  • ▲QUALITY: The auxiliary wire were wrapped with solid cotton rope keeps the whole bird rope perch sturdy and durable. Resistant to bite and chew, Meanwhile, it provides a secure and comfy footing for bird standing.
  • ▲MULTI-FUNCTION : This bird rope perch is easy to bend into variety of shapes, such as loops, curves and other shapes. help to develop your bird’s balance skill and coordination in your small cages, provide a foot standing around bird bath and feeder.
  • ▲SIMPLE: Easy to install in your birdcage for this kind of bird rope perch, the screw cap design can help to protect your pet birds away from hurt by bare wire. and provide a quick and simple way to renew your bird’s surroundings.
  • ▲SAFETY: This comfortable bungee bird rope perch is made of the soft, durable and multi-colored cotton with non-toxic food dyes, It won’t have damage to your pet birds. Perfect for birds toy, perches for your birds entertained with cat, dogs and other pets.