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Bird Parrot Toys Swing Hanging Bird Cage Accessories Toy Perch Ladder Chewing Toys Hammock for Parakeets,Cockatiels,Lovebirds,Conures,Budgie,Macaws,Lovebirds,Finches and Other Small Pets

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Funny Bird Toys:Funny bird toys include rattan balls,ladder,swing,hammock,chewing toys ,you can arrange these bird toys in multiple layers for your parrot to swing,climb, chew and explore.Your Mr. or Mrs. will love bouncing around ,freely swing and enjoying.

Handmade Bird Toys:100% handmade bird toys,very safe to use,provide a fun place to climb,it's a exercise opportunities for your birds and will improve their balance.Suitable for cockatiel, conures, parakeets,macaws, parrots, love birds, Mynah, finches and other small to middle pet birds.

What Include:18 pieces of different types bird cage toys,include 10 piece rattan toy balls,1 piece swing bird toy with bells,1piece bird hammock toy,1 piece perch ladder bridge,1piece wooden beads rotating ladder,1piece Loofah bird chewing toy,1piece bird chewing toy made of reed,2 pieces bird fruits and vegetables forks.

Safe Material:Most of our bird cage toys are made from wood,rattan,Loofah and reed which is very good and safe for your bird to chew and play.

Easy to Install:All parakeet toys come with an hook which can attaches to the bird cage very easily.