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Bird Parrot Swing Chewing Toys,9 Pack Bird Cage Toys- Hanging Swing Ropes Hammock Swing Toy Parrot Ladders Swing Hanging Bell Bird Stand Perch Bird Mirror for Small Bird

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  • 【Complete Birdcage Accessories】: This birdcage toy consists of 10 pieces, bird ladders swing toy, bird hanging swing toy,parrot fun swing, parrot carousel rope, parrot frosted station stick, parrot 3 bell strings, parrot 5 bell strings, parrot chewing ball string,parrot mirror
  • 【100% SAFE MATERIALS】: Small bird toys are made of food-grade colors and natural non-toxic wood,durable, non-toxic, and sanitary, 100% safe and fun for birds to play. Fun parrot chew toys and rope toys can help your birds move and improve their balance.
  • 【Bright Colors Toys】: Bright colors can attract a bird’s attention quickly. The bellbird toy will attract your conure birds to play and chew. With the crisp sound, it can help you keep a happy mood and add vitality to life.
  • 【Perfect Toys for Birds】: Provides pet birds a fun elevated place to meet the natural needs of birds; suitable for parakeets, cockatiel, conures, macaws, parrots, love birds, Mynah, finches, budgies as well as many small animals hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats.
  • 【Easy to Install】: All accessory toys for parakeet cages have a movable hook, which is simply fixed to the top of the pet cage.