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Bird Nest House Hanging Hammock Bed Toy for Pet Parrot Budgie Parakeet Cockatiel Conure Cockatoo African Grey Amazon Lovebird Finch Canary Hamster Rat Gerbils Chinchilla Guinea Pig Cage Perch

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  • L: 23x19cm/9x7.5 inch; Material: soft plush
  • It made by warm plush fiber material, very soft and cozy
  • Features double iron screw buckle and solid wood frame, so the hammock is durable and easy to install.
  • The classic bunkbed hammock allow the pets to shuttle freely and increase the pet's activity space.
  • Pets can move up and down at will, and they can rest on the top floor, or snuggle at the bottom. It provides a more comfortable living environment for pets.

Package Includes: 1x hammock