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Bbjinronjy Bird Toys for Parakeets Cockatiels Conures Climbing Hammock with Colorful Bird Chew Toys Shredding Toy Seagrass Foraging Activity Wall

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  • Various Colorful Bird Toys:Decorated with various colorful parakeet toys:retro and elegant bamboo square,bamboo finger traps,colored crinkly paper,rattan stars and heart,loofahs,wooden blocks, acrylic little trojan horse chew toy, BBjinronjy activity seagrass wall bird cage accessories will give your girls or boys a happy playtime.
  • Happy Playtime:After you sent this lovely parrot toys to your pet birds' house,you will find they are biting off and flinging papers for great fun,swinging from and climbing on seagrass net playfully......Provide parrot toys for your bird friends to playing with is a vital substitute for nest building,foraging,interactions with counterparts and other natural behaviors,without boredom,they will fell more happy.
  • Keep Active:An active Mr. or Mrs. bird is a happy bird.With all the brightly colorful conure toys will catch your bird's eyes immediately,the parakeet toy provides a elevate place for your bird friends to perch and explore.It's a great chose for your bird entertain and physical exercise.
  • Perfect Size for Small to Medium Birds: L:11.8 inch W:8.2 inch, suitable for cockatiels, parakeets, conures, love birds, finches and other small to medium birds.Perfect conure bird toys,parakeet toys,bird chew toy gift for your pet bird friends.
  • Easy to install:With two big different shape acrylic hooks ,the bird toys for parakeets,bird toys for conures,bird toys for cockatiels can install in side or top of the bird cage easily.Save your bird cage space and also a good decoration of your little friends' house.With small hooks or cotton rope,all small parts can be removed ,and you can redecorate as you like.