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Aquariumbasics 31M/101.8 Feet Black Aquarium Soft Airline Tubing Hose Standard with 10 Fish Tank Check Valves,10 Pcs “I” and 10 Pcs “T” Shape Aquarium Hose Connectors

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  • 31M/101.8 Feet black Flexible aquarium Airline Tubing for aquarium, 4mm inner diameter and 6mm outer diameter aquarium air pump hose tubing black is for aquarium/Fish Tank/Hydroponics and connecting air pump and aquarium air stone
  • 10 units black aquarium fish tank check values is to connect fish tank air pump and to aquarium tank air stone.10 units One Way Non Return Valve will avoid the water going back to your air pump when pump is power off.
  • 20 units in total for “I” and “T” shape aquarium hose connectors which is 10 units I shape and 10 units T shape aquarium tubing connectors
  • The 31M/101.8 Feet fish tank soft tubing for aquarium,10 aquarium check values,10 units "I“ shape tubing connectors and 10 units "T" shape fish tank hose connectors are made of safe material which will not have any harm to fish and plant.

AquariumBasics 31M/101.8 Feet black aquarium soft Airline Tubing hose standard with 10 fish tank Check Valves,10 pcs “I” and 10 pcs “T” shape aquarium hose Connectors