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Aquarium Air Pump - Aquamiracle Fish Tank Aerator Bubbler Oxygen Pump Bubble Maker Water Aerator Quiet Hydroponic Air Pump Kit 2-170 Gallon

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  • PERFORMANCE - This small aquarium air pump is energy efficient with powerful air output. Power 3 Watt, Flow rate 25GPH, Air Pressure ≥0.012MPa (water depth 4ft). This bubbler for aquarium fits fish tank size of 10-20 gallons. With 1 outlet.
  • AIR PUMP AQUARIUM - One fish tank air bubbler can not be used for dramatically different sizes of aquariums! Follow our recommendations based on our 20+ years' expertise. Make sure you choose the right fish air pump for your aquariums or applications.
  • SUPER SILENT - The fish tank air pump uses innovative technology with unique denoising structure design and materials to achieve super silence during operation.
  • AERATING - This powerful fish tank bubbler improves the oxygen supply in your tank.
  • AIR FILTER PAD - Replacement filter pads are included in the package. The pad works as a filter for the air coming into the aquarium bubbler. When the fish tank aerator gets dirty, the flow rate will be lower. Replacing the pad will solve the problem.
  • ALL IN ONE - The small air pump for fish tank comes with all the necessary accessories you need: airline tubing, air stone, check valve and air filter pad.