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AQUANEAT Reptile Hideout, Aquarium Rock Hideout, Reptile Rock, 6.3” X 5.6” X 3.5” Reptile Habitat, Natural Reptile Hides and Caves for Small Lizards, Turtles, Geckos, Amphibians

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  • Heavy Material: this reptile hiding cave is made of resin, hard and heavy, not afraid of pets moving, flipping
  • Natural habitat and decoration: simulate rock cave styling, creating a natural look, fostering a greater sense of privacy and security, making pet more confident, better rested
  • Can be used in wet or dry surroundings, for both terrarium and aquarium; Easy to clean
  • Product Size: outer size: 6.3"x5.6"x3.5"; inner size: 4.6"x4.3"X2.6"
  • Wide Application: suitable for all types of small animals, reptiles and pocket pets like bearded dragon, tortoise, turtle, lizard, loach, fish, snake, ball python, hamster, geckos, frogs, spiders, hermit crab, chameleons, scorpions