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AOPMET Bird Swing Toys 6Pcs, Parrot Swing Chewing Toys Hanging Perches with Bells, Pet Bird Swing Chewing Toys for Parakeets Cockatiels, Conures, Parrots, Love Birds

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  • 🌲【NATURAL WOOD& NON-TOXIC ABS MATERIALS】---- We always want to give the best toys to our beloved pets. The Parrot swing chewing toys are made of natural wood and non-toxic ABS materials, dyed by edible pigments, totally handmade, very bite resistant and durable, safe for the pets and will not harm them. Your pet bird can play them without any hidden danger.
  • 🐦【DESIGN FOR ALL TYPES OF SMALL BIRDS& EASY TO INSTALL】----The whole 6 pcs Bird swing toys includes:1 x Parrot swing ladder, 1 x Chewing rattan balls bell pendant, 1 x Chewing Natural nuts bell pendant,1 x Acrylic mirror bell pendant(Note: You need to tear off the protective film on the mirror.),1 x Colorful Cotton Rope,1 x Climb beads bell pendant. Perfect for all small and medium birds, such as parrots, parakeets, cockatiels and lovebirds etc. Easy to inst
  • 🎐【BRIGHT COLORS & POWERFUL ATTRACTION】As we all know, parrots like colorful toys. The Bird swing toys are made of colored acrylic beads and bells. The styles are simple and exquisite, beautiful colors can easily attract your pets. The bells provide audio entertainment for your parrots, your birds will enjoy the fun of the bells in a safe environment.
  • 🐦【KEEP BIRDS HEALTHY &MIND ACTIVE】---- They are designed to let your bird's feet have rest. It provides pet birds a fun elevated place to swing, chew, climb. Chewing pendants can promote good beak health. Swing ladder and Colorful Cotton Rope can promote and help to develop birds' coordination and balance skills, exercise and strengthen their muscles. Bird toys can give your birds visual and auditory satisfaction, give your pet a sense of security and belonging, be closer to their owners.
  • 🧡【SATISFACTION SERVICE】---- Please contact us if you have any quality problems. We will solve the problem for you until you are satisfied. if you aren't 100% happy with your order, we'll provide you a full refund.

Why do more and more owners begin to buy toys for their pet birds?

Scientific research shows, pet bird needs toys to prevent boredom and keep healthy.Without toys, your bird can easily develop behavior problems like screaming,feather plucking, and biting.

Our Bird Swing Toys are made of 100% natural materials. It is totally handmade withbright colors appealing to your beloved birds. Natural wood with vivid color,keeping them stimulated mentally. Designed to give all types of small and medium birds.


Package includes:

1x Parrot swing ladder

1x Chewing rattan balls bell pendant

1x Chewing Natural nut bell pendant

1x Acrylic mirror bell pendant

1x Colorful Cotton Rope

1x Climb beads bell pendant