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Airline Tubing for Aquarium 16.4 Feet Rubber Fish Tank Air Tubing Standard Colorful Aquarium Hose for Air Pump Black Yellow Green Red Blue

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  • Airline tubing 16.4 feet for salt water and freshwater aquariums, easy to cut to your required length and meet your basic needs.
  • Standard outlets 4/6mm(0.16/0.24 inch) creates a tight seal between airline hose and kinds of air pumps, check valves, bubblers, many aquarium ornaments or filters.
  • Made of flexible rubber material, no odor and non-toxic, without kinking and durable, also will not crack or become brittle over time.
  • Colorful air tubing make your aquarium more noticeable, especially at night with lighting, more attractive scenery of the aquarium.
  • Made for use in aquariums, fish tanks, pond, indoor garden, hydroponics systems, terrariums.

Material: rubber
Length: 16.4 feet
Internal Diameter: 4mm/0.16 inch
External Diameter: 6mm/0.24 inch
Color: yellow, green, red, blue, black (optional)

Package Includes:
1 x 5m airline tubing pipe