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Aiicioo under Tank Heater Thermostat - Reptile Heating Pad with Temperature Control Reptile Heat Mat for Combo Set for Hermit Crab Lizard Terrarium

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  • COMBO SET - Packed with digital thermostat and under tank heater. Reptile under tank heat pad provides your reptile gentle and constant warm 24 hours, and monitors and control the temperature all the time.
  • UPGRADED VERSION - Upgraded adhesive material of under tank heat pad is more solid than similar products in the market. It effectively decreases and eradicates the probability of melting and separating.
  • MOUNTING - Reptile heat mat with thermostat optional mounting on bottom or side of your terrarium. Rubber feet enclosed for bottom mounting to slight elevate terrarium and allow excess heat to escape. (IMPORTANT)
  • SIMPLY SET UP - Heat mat thermostat simply set the temperature probe, plug-in the controller, and use the large 3-button interface to choose your desired temperature setting. Digital display of seedling heat mat thermostat available in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Hermit Crab Heater Size: 8” x 12” ; Voltage: 120 volt; Power: 16 watt; Temperature control range is 68-108°F, Digital Reptile Thermostat temperature display range is 32 -140°F.

Product Description

AIICIOO Reptile Heating Pad with Temperature Control

AIICIOO Reptile Heat Pad is designed to economically heat reptile, amphibian, small, animal and plant terrariums.Terrarium heating pad are an ideal 24-hour primary or secondary heat source for tropical or temperate reptile and amphibian species and essential as a nighttime heat source for many desert species.

  • Ideal for use with reptile, amphibian, small animals or plant terrariums.
  • Upgraded adhesive side sticks directly to your terrarium for optimum heat transfer
  • AIICIOO reptile heater range from 4 to 24 watts making them extremely economical to operate
  • Can be used with a thermostat and/or in conjunction with an additional heat source for higher temperature species
  • Optional mounting on button or side of your terrarium.

Reptile Heating Pad with Thermostat

Uniform Heat mat for reptiles

Reptile heat mat provide 24-hour primary or secondary heat source for tropical or temperate reptilian species. Suitable for snake,bearded dragon, leopard gecko,lizard,turtle and so on.

Upgraded Adhesive

All under tank heater are upgraded, we changed the adhesive material to a new one that is more solid.

Easily Installation

AIICIOO reptile heat pad permanently adhere to your terrarium or incubator, forming a solid bond for optimum heat transfer.

Grounded Outlet

Temperature control range: 68-108°F

Temperature display range: 32 -140°F

The cord for the temperature probe and grounded 3-prong plug measure an extended 6 feet in length, designed to suit almost any application you can imagine.

Fahrenheit or Celsius readout

Fahrenheit - Press and hold the 'Up' button for 3 seconds to display in Fahrenheit.

Celsius - Press and hold the 'Down' button for 3 seconds to display in Celsius.

Easy to Set Up

Press the UP or DOWN button to adjust the temperature

The thermostat’s LED screen shows the numbers as you cycle through them. Press the SET button again to set the chosen temperature.

heating mat for reptiles and amphibian.

reptile heating pad for lizards

reptile heat mat for bearded dragons

under tank heater for snakes

reptile heat pad for hermit crabs

Dimension 8"x 12" 6" X 8" 6" X 8" 6" X 11"
Mat Wattage 16 W 8 W 8 W 7 W
With Thermostat