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19.86/32.8/101.7 Feet Aquarium Airline Tubing Air Stone for Fish Tank Aquarium Check Value Aquarium Suction Cups Aquarium Air Controller and I T Connector

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  • 32.8 feet black aquarium airline tubing hose for fish tank air pump,which can be connected to aquarium air stone check value and so on.
  • 10 pieces high quality air stone for fish tank to crease delicate bubbles in aquarium fish tank so that oxygen can dissolve into the aquarium better to create a more suitable environment for the growth of the fish in the aquarium.
  • 10 pieces aquarium check value to be connected to aquarium fish tank tubing hose which can stop waterback into the air pump from the fish tank bubble stone to avoid affecting the aquarium air pump.
  • 10 pieces aquairum suction cup clip holder with stronger suction power to hold the aquarium airline hose in order to fix it on aquarium glass inside
  • 5 pieces aquarium air value controller to control the air volume.5 pieces each for "I" and "T" shape aquarium fish tank tubing hose connectors both for connecting aquarium tubing in order to connect more aquarium air stone or extend fish tank hose

32.8 feet aquarium airline tubing hose 10 pieces aquarium air stone for fish tank 10 pieces black aquarium one way air check value for fish tank 10 pieces aquarium suction cups with clips 5 pieces each for "I""T" fish tank aquarium hose oxygen tubing connectors