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10 Pcs Furniture Protectors from Cats, Clear Self-Adhesive Cat Scratch Deterrent, Couch Protector 4 Pack X-Large (18"L 12"W) + 4 Pack Large (18"L 9"W) + 2 Pack (18"L 6"W) Cat Repellent for Furniture,

10 Pcs Furniture Protectors from Cats, Clear Self-Adhesive Cat Scratch Deterrent, Couch Protector 4 Pack X-Large (18"L 12"W) + 4 Pack Large (18"L 9"W) + 2 Pack (18"L 6"W) Cat Repellent for Furniture,

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  • 【UPGRADED MORE DURABLE VERSION】After collecting so many comments from customers,We upgraded their stickiness and attached nails so they no longer fall off. Total 10 PCS anti-scratching furniture protector include 4 PCS X-Large size (18” * 12”) + 4 PCS Large size (18” * 9”) + 2 Pack (18"L 6"W) Self-Adhesive Sheets and 54 PCS Twist Pins to get extra assurance.
  • 【EASY INSTALL】: Very easy to install, no complex steps nor tools.1:Peel off the self-adhesive pad 2: stick the pad where you want to protect (Can bend around the contour of the furniture)3: secure it with twist pins(If needed).You can cut them to size if needed as well. The biggest area covered on the market------NOTE------Please purchase our brand FTSTC, we only provide quality products.
  • 【TRANSPARENT INVISIBLE】: Our couch protector is 100% transparent and will completely blend with your Interior decoration. These cat sofa protectors are very strong and hardly noticeable. Good cat scratch stopper and pet couch guard
  • 【FLEXIBLE DURABLE】: Our furniture guards for cats made of Non-Toxic clear vinyl, It’s durable and thick enough to deter cat scratching also flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture to stop cat claws from shredding couch
  • 【Pins】You can choose pins(60pins in box) to install or not for different furniture. Our cat scratching furniture protector has SELF-ADHESIVE PADS, won't have to puncture and ruin leather, it won't leave any pin holes.Can be removed easily not leave any visible marks, the twist pins are fast and simple to disconnect that it can be reused.

Product Description

Why choose us?

FTSTC Furniture Protector is a customized product after investigating thousands of cat lovers. It is designed to help countless cat lovers protect the sofa at home. It can effectively and safely prevent the sofa from cat scratching.

FTSTC Furniture Protector can make your cat stop scratching your sofa in a short period of time with one set of FTSTC Furniture Protector; cats are smart friends, they will think that stickers are annoying things instead of you. Once FTSTC Furniture Protectors is installed, your cat will lose interest in your sofa.

You need a product to train your cat not to scratch your sofa, even when you are not at home; FTSTC Furniture Protector is exactly this product.

Q&A The 5 most common questions

  • Can FTSTC Furniture Protectors stick to the sofa well?

Yes, after we tested hundreds of sofas, our specially customized sofa protector can stick to the sofa well and will not fall off

  • Do I have to use twist nails? Will the pins leave marks on my sofa?

No traces will be left on the fabric sofa

Twisting nails is a suggestion, because stickers have different stickiness to sofas of different materials. We specially made 6 small holes around the sticker to facilitate the nail fixation

  • Do I need to change posts, and how often?

According to your needs, our stickers can be kept on the sofa for more than 6 months; if your cat stops scratching the sofa, you can tear off your stickers, otherwise you should continue to keep them

  • Will FTSTC Furniture Protectors help me to train my cat?

Yes, they will not scratch your sofa again after you put the sticker on it. Over time, they will develop a habit. You can tear it off after they stop scratching the sofa.

  • Can it prevent dogs from peeing?

Yes, the surface of the FTSTC sticker is smooth, you can easily wipe it off

Tear off without leaving a mark


Perfect for fabric sofa, You can hardly notice it on the sofa.


You can use it on the door, the corner of the table or other places where the cat scratches.

The small holes are designed to make it easier to use twist nails

Twisting nails is a suggestion, The use of twist nails will not damage your fabric furniture, nor will it leave any marks.

Approved by cat lovers!

Perfect for our Ikea Söderhamn couch!

It keeps the kitties from scratching our couch. They stick to the couch pretty well and the cats can't bite these off.

Very effective! Easy and not noticeable

Between the adhesion and the upholstery tacks, it has stayed in place. It is much less noticeable than I thought it would be as well.

Several different sizes

Very easy to use and you get several different sizes. No complaints!

Awesome !

She shows no interest in even scratching it anymore. Great value too with all the sizes!

Fabulous product you will not regret

I will be ordering more ...even came with upholstery pins. This brand exceeded expectations, cat won’t go near furniture now !

Perfect claw protection

Perfect product to keep my cat away from my couch.

Must buy for pet owners !

It’s a great product that does its job. My dog likes to rub and the hair gets under the protector after rubbing so long. The adhesive is long lasting.

This product will save your furniture

I had previously bought some stick on type stuff that didn't stay on well. This product is awesome.The cats can not scratch your furniture or get them off.

Specification 6Sheets + 40Twist Pins 10Sheets + 60Twist Pins 20Sheets + 120Twist Pins 10 Sheet Double Sided 5.9'' Double Sided 3 Seater Couch Cover
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