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Wooden Hamster House,Natural Wood Hut Rat Hideout Habitat Decor Cage Accessories for Syrian Hamster Dwarf Mouse Small Animals

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  • NATURAL MATERIAL-The hut made of natural pine wood is full of natural rosin.It has not undergone any chemical processing and has the advantages of wind and moisture resistance.
  • CHEWING TOY-Not only a hut, but also a chewing toy.It has a protective on the teeth of rodents.
  • HIDEOUT-Creating a hidden environment for hamsters can make them feel safe and promote the relationship between hamsters and you.
  • RESTING PLACE-With a hamster hut, you can go out freely without worrying about the hamsters running around the house without their own resting place.
  • SIZE—Hut Size-11.4'' x 7.1'' x 6.3'' (L x W x H),Door Size - 4.3 x 3.7 inches (W x H)