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WANBAO Plastic Bunny Foot Pad, Rabbit Cage Mat B

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  • Material: plastic, non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Dimensions: about 13.3 inches long and 9.6 inches wide. Suitable for a variety of small pets, rabbits, hamsters, cats, puppies, etc. As a pet foot pad, it can make pets happier.
  • The color of the rabbit foot pad: pink and blue, with 4 fixed buckles. There are grooves on both sides of the cushion, and the cushion can be fixed with matching buckles.
  • This foot pad is easy to clean and install, and is made of waterproof material, even if your pet urinates on these pads. Its strong breathability can prevent pet skin diseases.
  • All WANBAO products are 100% guaranteed fast delivery and good customer service, answer and resolve all your doubts about the product within 24 hours.