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Vitakraft Chinchilla Cocktail Mixed Fruit Treat, 4.5 Ounce Pouch

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  • Colorful Mixture Of Delicious Flowers, Berries And Fresh Fruit.
  • Easy To Digest And Is An Ideal Treat For Chinchillas.
  • All Natural To Promote A Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Customer Blended To Simulate A Chinchillas Natural Habitat.
  • Tasty And Made With Real Fruit That Your Chinchilla Will Find Irresistible.

Vitakraft Chinchilla Cocktail is a colorful mixture of delicious flowers and berries that your pet will love. Chinchilla Cocktail is an all natural treat made with real fruit that is easy to digest and makes an ideal treat for chinchillas. Custom blended to simulate a chinchillas natural habitat.