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Tfwadmx Pet Small Rat Toilet, Bunny Rectangle Potty Trainer, Corner Litter Box Pet Pan for Small Animal/Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Galesaur/Ferret ,Etc

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  • Environmentally Friendly Materials:It is made of superior plastic to ensure your and your pet's health.
  • Simple and Atmospheric Appearance:The translucent baffle that surrounds 3 sides and white main body are in harmony be an organic whole, practical and do not break beautiful.
  • Humanized Design:The removable baffle is easy for you to adjust the use according to the actual situation, making your cleaning easier.Hollow pedals prevent pets from taking sand out of the basin.
  • Good Quality and Durability:High quality materials make solid products, fine polishing in details, excellent workmanship, bring you better use experience.
  • Matters Needing Attention:Don't use the goods immediately after you get them. Rinse each part with clean water to avoid dust accumulation during transportation.