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Pawfly Aquarium 0.8 Inch Air Stone Ball Bubble Diffuser Release Tool for Nano Air Pumps Small Buckets and Fish Tanks, 10 Pack

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  • The 0.8 inch air stone balls feature durability, steady bubbles and high dissolved oxygen rate. Optimal for aerating your water reservoirs and livening up your aquatics. A necessity to have in the house of aquatic lovers.

    Sintered with high temperature, they are well built to produce constant bubbles for fish’s breath. Perfect for oxygenation in both fresh and salty water environment like small buckets, fish tanks or aquariums.

    • Steady medium bubbles
    • Driven by 2 W - 4 W pumps
    • Fit for 3/16 inch ID hose
    • Stable and durable
    • Soak for 1 hour before use
    • Packed with 10 Pcs in total

    0.8 Inch Air Stone Balls